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Going through old hands
  vasoline73, Oct 22 2015

I was looking through some of the hand historys on the sidebar... just checking out how people were playing and enjoying people's analysis, etc. Missing the game.

Mean to click to see more recent hand historys from LP members but accidentally click "my hands"

I haven't played poker since a month or so before black friday so all my hands posted are super old. Start going through some with comments on them...

Holy fuck I played really terribly. Horrible bet sizing. Fun times. Still miss the game though!

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I miss poker
  vasoline73, Dec 14 2013

It's been such a long time since I've played. Never really did very well but I made "enough" for it to be fun and I really miss the critical thinking it gave me.

I'm going back to school in the spring and I've learned a lot about life (through bad experiences) in the time between now and my last "real" blog (Jan 19 2011) so I'm feeling good, finally moving forward in a way, but between poker being banned and not being able to purchase Djarum cigarettes I am apathetic about society here in the United States. Such small things to fret over but in the same sense such ridiculous things to ban. Why did it have to be 2 things I enjoyed in my life? Now they're gone.

Not mad about it... just apathetic.

Life goes on. I'll be where I want to be when the time comes and I put in the effort... and I can always import kreteks... so it's not so bad. Just weird. Still lurking LP and I always wish everyone here happiness and success for the fun times I've had here. Just wanted to say hi.

Oh... and Brood War. God I miss the it, for better or for worse. Zero and Woongjin gone, Free, Violet, Bluestorm, carriers... PL, OSL & MSL... I hate reading TL now, despite still loving the good times I spent (wasted?) there. Love hate love hate.

To the future, may I find new passions to enjoy and love in life while doing the necessary work to succeed.

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20 on Carbon?
  vasoline73, Jul 24 2013


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